Our friends,

We are not concerned about introducing ourselves by stating an identity and revealing an object. It is the Holy Quran that defines and introduces us. It (the Holy Quran) is, our universal constitution, the complementary Book of Islam, and the source of judgment and wisdom (hikmah) that turns our ignorance into wisdom. We believed with modesty in Him and in all that He sent. We set out to fight in His way with our property and our lives. To fulfill His remembrance (dhikr) both in our tongues and in our deeds (amals), our hearts tremble and we feel humble (awe). We are involved in the activities necessary for the physical and mental development of the society, with the awareness of guidance and consciousness of servitude coming from Him.

Our most important aim is to learn, live and tell about His religion. Knowing that it is our duty to make wake up as much as we wake up from the sleep of the world, by showing loyalty to our covenant (al-‘Ahd); we are sharing everything material and spiritual that has been given to us for this purpose, according to religion, for the sake of raising enlightened minds without seeking any material or spiritual benefit.

Religion means “Faith and Worshipping Rules System ”. Its meaning for human beings is to directly obey the laws that Allah has determined for the entities that are subject to the consciousness evolution plan in the daily flow of currently living life, in person and actually right now.

Therefore, religion is the awareness that people are connected to and responsible for other people, the world, and the whole universe. If there is no such connection and responsibility, the state, society, family, and man himself is just a breathing corpse. But whoever thinks and lives in accordance with His religion (laws), he/she is now alive. In other words, he/she is a Muslim. For this reason, the concept of

“Islam”, which is included in the sub-definition of religion, is a sign/mark of surrender to Him, which occurs as a result of accepting religion only by bowing down to His laws.

Sign/mark will emerge only if it harmonizes with the Book and the fitrah (purpose of creation). For this reason, the thing that will unite us in a collective consciousness structure is the determination of the content and boundaries of religion according to the only source which is the Qur’an itself. Out of this, seeking another source of judgment and wisdom (hikmah) is deception, and accepting it is shirk.

Unfortunately, right after the death of Muhammad (as), a trend started contrary to this basic understanding of the Qur’an, and Islam was first corrupted/degenerated by the intervention of the sons of Umayyad (Umayyad Caliphate).

Afterwards, this corruption/degeneration was deepened by sects and tariqas, and the Book was abandoned by accepting things contrary to the essence of the Qur’an with many fabricated hadiths and narrations. And the ideas put forward by those who orphaned the Book and those who followed them were presented with books and fatwas like opium, and societies were put to sleep.

These limitless people who consider themselves partners with Him, they came to the conclusion that who is a believer (have īmān) and who is a denier by determining halal and haram according to their own desires and whims; and they have distributed belief (īmān) and the Hereafter (ākhirah) according to their own distorted minds.

The reason is that the Qur’an, Islam, and in addition to this, Muslimism is so wrongly grounded that they have labeled everyone who does not believe like them as non-Muslims, they exclude them from the religion, and label them as infidels.

Whether they are aware of it or not, those who propound this error have cut what Allah has ordered to be united and divided them into sects. Because, regardless of language, race, color or geography, a person who surrenders to religion, which is the right thought and behavior laws determined by Almighty Allah for people, is a Muslim. The religion mentioned in the four holy books revealed so far is Islam.

Islam is not a religion that came with Muhammad (as), it is a religion that was complemented (ikmâl) with him. Therefore, again in the Qur’an, the attendants in charge of conveying (tablīgh) the Holy Books before the Qur’an and those who follow them are defined as Muslims. Again, this definition was made for the hawārīs who were subject to Jesus (as) or young comrades and people of Moses (as) who were subject to him.

While the definitions of Islam and Muslims are given so clearly in the verses, to start Islam 1400 years ago and to call those who followed previous nabiyys non-Muslims is to defy Almighty Allah.

What falls to Muslims in this regard is to unite His religion, which Allah has commanded to be united, not to split into sects and not to cause corruption in the earth.

As our Rabb mentions to us in the verse “Say: “O People of the Book! Come to a word that is the same between you and us. Let us not be servants to anyone but Allah, and not associate anything with Him, and let some of us not take others as Rabbs other than Allah.” After that if they return, then; Say, “Bear witness that we are Muslims/surrenderers”, our aim is to invite them to our word (Islam), which is common with those who follow the Books conveyed before, and to tell the Book to them.

Owners of the mentality that seems to be Muslims but has abandoned the Book, today, in every country of the Islamic geography, have turned religion and belief (īmān) into a corporate company, and by having put their fingernails on the masses of innocent people, they

continue their exploiting without getting bored, shamelessly and with hiding the truth.

And unfortunately, the masses are drowning in the turmoil of contradictions, inconsistencies and irrationality that are against the Qur’an brought forward by these limitless/borderless people. Therefore, Islam, which should lead humanity to happiness and harmony, has turned into a hearth of depression and disintegration in the hands of these limitless/borderless people.

However, it is essential that we do not forget the following fact; The earth is the place where those who gather around the “consciousness of Allah” and those on the opposite side are literally separated and come face to face. The Glorious Qur’an, by run upside down all kinds of value judgments and sense of belonging that are contrary to fitrah (purpose of creation), between the past, the future, the period in which it descended, and the present, it mentioned the value judgment and sense of belonging in accordance with religion.

According to this understanding of value and belonging that will never get old, people are divided into Allah’s side/faction (+) and Iblis’ side/faction (-). No value can get ahead of these or get above of these. Everyone serves one of these two sides. If Allah’s side is served, it is acceptable, otherwise it is a false/superstition case.

By aware that the most beautiful hadith was sent down by Him and that the unchangeable Sunnatullah (His Laws) belongs to Him, the duty of those who want to be on the side of the truth and on the right is;

  • To make an effort to elimination of corruption resulting from all shirk-containing fabrications and deceptions; to make an effort to replace of ignorance resulting from straying from the main source with wisdom; to make an effort to bring the light into the darkness.
  • It is to bring religion before humanity as it is in the Book of Allah, purifying it from all the separators that come between the Qur’an and human beings, with a view that is beneficial to the people in the street, as described in the Book, and in a way that appeals to the mind and heart as much as possible.

Because only as a result of these, the entity reaches the level of servitude and begins to walk with Almighty Allah. Such a person becomes the heart of the heartless world, and sometimes he/she becomes the voice of conscience and mercy. He/she cannot sleep at night and he falls on the road, because of the crying of an orphan, the cry of a woman screaming “help”, the cry of the oppressed saying “is humanity dead?”

The unchangeable truth is that, it is only for His servants who think about the rights of all the oppressed people, deprived ones and victims of the world, to defend Islam as one man (unity) against oppression and tyranny, occupation and injustice, corruption and injustice, abuse of religion and deceivers, by against the despots, pharaohs, and who usurp these people. And they exist in every scene of history. They were either thrown into the fires, crucified, or stoned to death.

So where are you in this story?

Are you one of those who choose to be bad?

Are you one of those who see evil and keep silent?

Or are you on the path of the One who sent you to this Earth?

Whatever you are, today is not late to choose the truth, the fair one, the right and the beautiful.

We are not those who invite you to subject to ourselves. On the contrary, we are the ones who invite to obey Allah without any

intermediary, and therefore to be competent in the Qur’an, in which all of His orders and commands are completed and integrated, and to respond to His call.

Because “It is no possible for a human being (bashar) to say: “Be a servant to me other than Allah”, after Allah gave him the book, wisdom and nabiyyhood (nubuwata). But since you have read and learned the book and are teaching it, he only says:” Become servants of the Rabb (dedicated to the Rabb/rabbāniyyīna).”1

Thinking is a servant’s duty (fard)…

1Ali İmran 79