Our friends,

The book which was published under the name of “The Plan of Truth (ISBN 978-605-764-027-7) (The Book of Truth version.2)” in 2019, is the notification (tablīgh) of many verses and system information which are known as “Kitâb al-Mubeen and Qur’an al-Mubeen” in the Qur’an al-Kareem, and whose tawil has not been explained until now, for the nafses on the surrender path. The book consists of three main parts.

The introduction chapter includes the information of the keywords located in the Qur’an. These concepts are given as the main method to understand the Qur’an al-Kareem right way.

The other chapter was conveyed in the book published under the title “The Book of Truth (ISBN 978-605-323-094-6)” in 2014. And in addition to the detailed information of the programs of the Divine plan that operate in accordance with the laws of the “Mother of Book/ Main Book” in the earths, it contains tawils of the verses that give information about many different processes.

The last chapter is the curriculum information that is enforced depending on the “Mother of Book/ Main Book” by the Divine plan. This information has not been explained until now. This process is the surrender (purification) program implementing over a total of 6 stages, 4 of which are in the earth and 2 of which are in the A’raf process. This also includes the tawils of the verses that give details on which steps in the earths the entities pass through, after which they are purified and included in the mission plan and what missions they are responsible for in this plan.

Each part in the book and the transitional phases in them have a certain systematic in terms of giving information. In order to understand what this systematic is, it is necessary to understand the tawil system and how this over verses tawil can be made.

Our friends, the Qur’an is composed of 114 surahs1 and 6236 verses/ayahs (sentences)2 that make up these suras. The verses are designed in “two kinds”3 structure in themselves. These are muhkam and mutashābih verses.

The word muhkam means “solid, perfect, reinforced, durable, complete, requiring skill, requiring no gaps, balanced, tightly closed, strong, impermeable, solid, riveted, tight.”

Muhkam verses are riveted verses whose meaning is easily understood at the time the Qur’an was revealed, that meaning is clear, complete and without leaving any spaces so that no different interpretations can be made.

The word mutashābih means “similar, a like, analogue, same, of the same kind, identical, suitable, agreeable, exactly the same, equivalent, similar, similar to each other, likened, symmetrical, homogeneous.”

Mutashabih verses are equally identical parts which are processed into the Qur’an in a unique format (analog) that form the “big picture” because they are symmetrical and completely equivalent to each other.

The Divine plan has explained the information of two different Books (structure, program) in the Qur’an to the earth plan, by giving details of “Tā-Sin. These are the Mubeen verses of the Qur’an and the Kitāb (Book)4 andAlif, lām, rā. These are the Mubeen verses of the Kitāb (Book) and the Qur’an”5, these unity formed by two different verse structures.

The Qur’an al-Mubeen: It is a perfect book of knowledge (wisdom) and law (judgment) that addresses the “moment” that is lived, giving the basic information of the functioning of the current earth plan, with examples of the past and the future, and with muhkam verses, again within this system. At the same time, it contains the stages of the surrender path in the Divine books that were revealed before it, as well as the details of all the purification steps that entities need on this path.

Kitâb al-Mubeen: It is the section where the information of the system working on the earths/worlds is taken from the Main Book (program) within an analogue program, and the information is given over the mutashābih verses. This detail is mentioned in the revelation as follows: “By the Kitâb-al Mubeen. Surely, We have made it an Arabic Qur’an. Hope you may be able to understand it. And surely, it is in the Main Book (the Mother of the Book) with Us.”6

The Main Book is the main program on which the knowledge, power and law processes sent down from the Arsh (Throne) by the Rabb of the Realms depend. The Qur’an has various chapters from the Main Book, which has been meticulously preserved. And to mention it again, these chapters have been processed into the Holy Qur’an within an analogue program over the mutashābih verses that are coherent, identical and symmetrical with each other. These verses are the verses whose meaning cannot be deciphered during or after it was revealed, but whose meaning can be known when the time comes.

The information contained in mutashābih verses has a “twin/twos meaning.”7 And these meanings were given through “symbols and examples.”8

Mutashābih verses are verses in which the symbolic language is used at a high level and in order to reach the information it contains, the key (analog) information corresponding to that symbolic expression is needed.

Symbolic expressions and twin meanings are the main difference between muhkam verses and mutashābih verses. Because, in order to give a system information and meaning of it, the mutashābih verses given in symbolic structure reveal the distinction between muhkam verses, which give a historical word that corresponds to any event and give information about the event.

The Divine plan has detailed how the tawil mechanism of mutashābih verses works, in the verse as follows “He is the One who sent down the Book to you. Some of it are Muhkam (straightforward) verses, they are the essence of the Book, and the others are mutashābihs (allegorical). Those who have crookedness in their hearts go after such part of which is mutashābih verses for seeking fitnah and doing for its ta’wil. And no one knows its ta’wil except Allah. As for those well-grounded in knowledge, they say: “We believed (had īmān) in Him, all of them are from our Rabb”, and they cannot tadhakkur(ركذت). Only the Ulu’l-albāb (can do tadhakkur)”9, with the details that “the tawil of mutashābih verses can only be known by Allah”.

If you interpret the information only according to this verse, you will come to the conclusion that hundreds of “mutashābih verses integrity” in the Qur’an cannot be known or learned by any human being, and are simply put in the Book. But is this really the case or does Almighty Allah have another system that works in this regard?

In order to understand the subject, it is very important to understand the verse “The keys of the unseen (gayb) are with Him, no one knows the unseen except Him. He knows all what is on land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls without His knowing; nor a grain in the darkness of the earth or

anything—wet or dry—all of them are in the Kitab al-Mubeen”10, in how the unseen information and the unseen (al-Ghayb) is shared with the earth plan.

As can be seen, it has been notificated that the ghayb can be “known only by Allah”, just as in the tawil of mutashābih verses. The reason why the information is given in a common language is because of the connection between the tawil of mutashābih verses and the unseen (al-Ghayb).

Because the word Unseen (al-Ghayb) means “divine/holy secret, lost, hidden, invisible and unknown object, hidden thing, invisible, hidden, invisible world, supernatural, metaphysical”. Therefore, the content and meanings of the mutashabih verses are subject to the word ghayb and the other meaning to the operation of the ghayb. And the unseen (al-Ghayb) informations have been revealed to the earth over these verses.

The divine plan has detailed the process of transferring the information of the unseen (al-Ghayb) in another verse as “Allah will not inform you of the ghayb. But Allah chooses whomever He wishes from among His rasuls (He informs the unseen (al-Ghayb) to that rasul). So, believe (have īmān) in Allah and His rasuls”11 by adding the details of the information of the “Rasul Program”, which is responsible for the transmission of the unseen (al-Ghayb).

The purpose of the program was announced in the verse as “They are rasuls who only as givers of good news and warners so that people do not have excuses against Allah after the rasuls”12 and added the information for what purpose the attendants were sent.

Be assured that! When that great day comes, no one will be able to say to his Creator, “You did not share with us the things what we need, You did not remind us of what awaits us, You did not mention the breadth/width and operation of Your dais (system).”

Because those in duty, the soldiers of Allah’s army, have transferred the holy books with knowledge of the ghayb and the “true tawils” of the verses in them to the earth with “clear documents, written pages and luminous books”13 according to a plan, and will convey them until the Day of Judgment.14

The Divine plan gave general information about this process for those who will be the address of the revelation at any moment in the verse as “O sons of Adam! When rasuls from among you come to you, telling/explaining you My verses, whoever has taqwa and corrects/ameliorates his/her nafs after that, there will be no fear for them. And they will not be sad.”15 and stated that the rasuls would explain/tell His verses in the samā, in the earth and in His books.

The information on how and by what methods the rasuls, who are in charge of the mechanism of the Ghayb (revelation), conveyed the tawils of the verses, which are among their duties, to the world are explained over Muhammad (as), with the details of “If they deny you, do not be “sad”, whereas the rasuls before you who brought clear documents, written pages and luminous books were also denied.16

The Divine plan did not neglect no details of the information including the tawil process of the mutashābih verses in the revelation and what time period to be notified (tablīgh) in the Qur’an.

The subject was first given over the entity dialogues during the period when the Book sent down, with the following details: “Or are they saying that he made it up? Say: “If you are truthful, then call anyone you can besides Allah and bring a surah like it!” No, they denied something that they could not grasp in knowledge (‘Ilm) and that had not yet been come its tawil. Those before them denied just like the same. Look at the result of the oppressors!”17, and it is reported that both the Qur’an and the revelation information before it, were denied because of they could not be understood by some entities. The reason for this is explained as the tawil of those verses has not yet come.

These verses are the mutashābih ones we have just mentioned, described as “He is the One Who sent down the Book to you. Some of it are muhkam verses, they are the basis of the Book and others are mutashābih. Those who have crookedness in their hearts go after such part of it mutashābih verses to seek discord and search for its tawil while no one knows its tawil except Allah. As for those well-grounded in knowledge, they say: “We believe in Him, all of them are from our Rabb”, and they cannot Tadhakkur. Only the Ulu’l-albāb (can do Tadhakkur/Remembrance)”18 and are given the information of the Kitâb al-Mubeen (clear information of systemic operating laws).

As a matter of fact, for the verses that were not made tawil at the time the Qur’an was revealed, the Divine plan both reflected a projection for the future and gave a covenant (al-‘Ahd).

This information was pointed out in the verses “I am not asking you to pay for it. And I am not one of those who has obligation.” That “Qur’an” is

only a Dhikr (reminder) to the realms (worlds/peoples). And you will surely learn the news of it after a while19 that were asked to be said from Muhammad (as) against the entities who denied him, and it was explained that the news of the mutashābih verses would be received in a while. The detail of this period is described in another verse as “We will show them Our verses both in the afaqs (horizons) and in their nafs; so that, no doubt, it may become clear to them that it is the truth. Isn’t it enough for your Rabb to be a witness over everything?”20

Afaq word means “horizons, distant countries.”

It is stated that the tawils of the verses will be shown in distant future countries and in the consciousness of entities, which are horizons of entities. Because “Every news has a decided time/place where it will happen.”21 And everything is conveyed (tablīgh) according to the predetermined destiny plan and time/place, which is explained in the verse “There is nothing whose treasure is not with Us. We do not send it down without a known destiny (plan).”22

The Destiny Plan works in proportion to the consciousness of entity and his/her development. Because consciousness varies according to two elements (time, place).

For example, the consciousness of a person living in 1800 is not the same as the consciousness of a person living present day. Therefore, “time” is the most fundamental factor affecting the consciousness. The “place” or geographical location in which a person lives is another important factor that creates a difference in the consciousness of people living in the same time period. This is a situation that differs

1 The word Sūrah means “high rank, honor, dignity, highly structured building”.
2 The word Āyah (verse) means “proof, sign, miracle.”
3 Ali Imran 7
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14 These missions are added to the destiny plans before they are sent to Earth. When the time comes, the information loaded on them is revealed and they fulfill their duties.
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