Our friends,

The earth (terra) life we live collectively works according to a certain process. The temporal equivalent of this process is a cycle that takes 50,000 years. The entities that are subject to the evolution of consciousness, either are saved from the earth sleep or are subjected to dreams at various thresholds of the earth sleep in order to step into the heavens of Adn (Eden) which is the dimension of truth, according to the gains they earn at the end of this process.

The time circle we are in now reminds us that the harvest time of the seeds of consciousness planted 50,000 years ago is approaching. For this reason, the Divine will has activated the process of conveying (tablīgh) and tawil the main system information included in the revelation, upon the covenant (al-‘Ahd) given 1400 years ago, in order to raise the consciousness frequency values to humanity, who has entered its final period.

This program was planned over the Anatolian geography and will continue with the attendants assigned by the Divine will until the qiyamah day (apocalypse).

As a result of dozens of lives and experiences, human consciousness has reached the level where it can receive some information. Today’s science and technology are helpful in this regard.

The reason why this information, which includes the dais (system) of Almighty Allah, is openly shared with people is to wake them from their sleep of earth and encourage them to struggle for the real goal, which is the real life. This process starts with the person themself and then continues with holding the other people’s hands. And at any stage of this process, the person is expected to choose the path themself and stay on the path, without any coercion. Some situations and awareness determine the tenacity of entities on this path.

Let’s take a dream, for example. If you know that you are dreaming while you are dreaming, the dream process starts to flow differently, and you can control your emotions and behaviors in it.

Just like in this example, if your level of comprehension has reached the threshold of perceiving the big dream, your understanding of the world sleep you live in will change. What will reveal this to you is that you encounter various data (information) and internalize them.

The divine plan has conveyed all kinds of data necessary for humankind to wake up from the great and collective world sleep in which they live, in the Qur’an and added the detail “We have not left anything missing in the Book”. The task given to us is to share this great and ambitious word (miracle) with the people of the world within a plan and program.

After the completion of the process of tablīgh (notification) the book named “The Plan of Truth (The Book of Truth version 2)” in 2019, the “Study Program of The Plan of Truth” was started up and the program has been continuing uninterruptedly since then.

With the publication of the book “Tablighies/Notifications (The Book of Truth ver.3)” in 2022, the book was added to the twelfth study program, the curriculum was updated, and started to do its work under the name of “School of Seed.”

To be a student at the “School of Seed”, neither money nor status is important! The main steps that constitute competence for participation are an unprejudiced and fair mind, sincerity, willingness and having a variety of prior knowledge. The basis of these knowledges are the verses of the Qur’an.

The main purpose of the school is to show the participants in a certain way how (order, approach, planning, discipline) should work with the Qur’an. The other purpose is to find the appropriate people for the transfer of the system information contained in the verses, and by supporting their development process, it is to reveal awareness of instructor.

The program consists of a total of 76 days and this process consists of two separate phases, each of which is 38 days.

The first phase is the sharing, contemplation (tafakkur) and question-answer processes of the tawīls included in the Plan of Truth with the participants. The second phase is the sharing, contemplation (tafakkur) and question-answer processes of the tawīls included in the Tablighies/Notifications with the participants.

Those who want to participate to the “School of Seed”, simply click on the “study program announcement” link to be opened and fill out the relevant registration form.

Everything is for the sake of humanity, which has entered its final phase, only to be His conscious helpers as a soldier of the Divine plan, within the purpose drawn on it. For this reason, those who can be us, not me, and those who can throw their one’s self (ego) aside and walk in His way with love, justice, righteousness and fairness and share this will achieve salvation.

Thinking is a servant’s duty (fard)