The world life is a deceptive commodity (meta) that serves the consciousness development process of human beings and contains many unknowns. Collectively, the consciousness of humanity has been enlightened about the unknowns of both itself and the realm outside it, with the help of the Divine plan in every period. However, it always turned its back on these truths that it was reminded of and, stuck in the deceptive commodity by choosing the superstition (insubstantial). But, for the last time, together with the Qur’an which is the complementary book of Islam, all the truths that will awaken people from their false/superstition (insubstantial) sleep have been made easy for dhikr and  conveyed (tablīgh) to the earth. And these information will be enough for people until the end of the world (to the apocalyptic process). All the information you will read here is the testimony of the claim that “nothing is left incomplete in the Qur’an” and the narration of “the verses (āyahs) of the Book, which is the miracle of Muhammad (as).”